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Fred Lonsdale and the Vikings

Viking Longboat Small

Fred is not as young as he used to be but even he doesn’t remember the Vikings invading Britain’s Coasts from the Scandinavian Countries across the North Sea; that was a long, long time ago, about a thousand years or so. Fred does remember, however, working with some primary school pupils, nearly forty years ago, on a class project looking at the history of ancient Britain.

The pupils found out that not all Vikings, who were also known as ‘Norsemen’, were fierce warriors; many of them were traders who made their homes in Britain. They were a nation of travellers and sailors who developed a very seaworthy boat that took them safely all over Europe and beyond. These vessels were known as ‘Viking Longboats’ or ‘Longships’.

Fred was sorting out some drawers in his study a little while ago and found the plans he had drawn for the children all those years ago; he stopped tidying up his desk and tidied up the drawings instead.

Circle Blue smIf you click here you can DOWNLOAD the plans (all Fred’s downloads are free, there is no charge), print them on thin card – about 160 gsm., and make your own VIKING LONGBOAT.


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